Provider Groups

Partnering with Community Health Care Providers

HouseCall MD works closely with local physicians and physician extenders to provide coverage for them after-hours, on weekends and holidays, when their schedule is full, or any other time they are unable to see patients. HouseCall MD does not provide primary care, so you have no reason to fear losing your patient to us.

Extending Care to Your Patients

If a patient calls your office after hours and you feel like the patient needs care before you can fit them into your schedule, then HouseCall MD can be your eyes and ears and help in the care of your patient and their acute needs. This can also save your patient from an expensive ER visit or a prolonged wait in an urgent care waiting room. Also, HouseCall MD is unaffiliated, meaning we will not refer patients to specialists or other PCPs without your express approval. The patient can request an appointment directly or you can request an appointment on their behalf by creating an online portal. Once a request has been made, a clinical team member will review the patient’s symptoms over the phone to make sure it is appropriate for our services. HouseCall MD guarantees a visit within 24 hours for a home visit and within 2 hours of a telemedicine request.. HouseCall MD will assess, diagnose, and treat the patient. The provider will call in any prescriptions deemed appropriate, and send a copy of the clinical note and visit summary to the primary care provider and any other pertinent care team members to ensure appropriate follow-up.

Following Up

To ensure continuity of care, HouseCall MD provides a detailed report to each patient’s primary care physician, regardless if the patient requested the visit, or if the PCP initiated the request. The goal of HouseCall MD is to bridge the gap between primary care visits and to provide convenient acute care services that are cheaper than an urgent care or emergency room.

Better Access for Your Patients

Many patients are home bound or struggle to leave their home. Getting a patient to the clinic on time for a fasting blood test in the morning can be difficult for many patients who cannot drive or have mobility issues. HouseCall MD has a mobile phlebotomy service. We can also provide TeleMedicine technicians to your practice to help you see your home bound patients who struggle with technology.

Increase Referrals

Due to the nature of HouseCall MD’s service model, we see a great deal of unassigned patients. Partnering with us will help facilitate a pathway for referrals to bring in new patients to your practice.