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What Happens When You Have an Asthma Attack?

What Happens When You Have an Asthma Attack?

Coughing, wheezing, and having trouble breathing. These are some of the symptoms of an asthma attack that we all may be familiar with. But what exactly happens in our bodies when we experience it?

During an asthma attack (a.k.a. asthma exacerbation) the airways become swollen and inflamed, causing the muscles around it to contract. This then causes the airways to produce extra mucus, leading to the breathing (bronchial) tubes to narrow.

A minor attack may get better with prompt home treatment; however, a severe attack that does not improve with home treatment will need services from urgent care in Kitsap County, Washington, as it can become life-threatening if not treated correctly.

The most effective way of stopping an asthma attack is by recognizing and treating asthma flare-up early on.

HousecallMD, a provider of quality health care in Silverdale, Washington can work out an asthma contingency plan with clients ahead of time. Get in touch with us to get more information about what you can do in case of an emergency.

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