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Does Your Child have a Viral Infection?

Does Your Child have a Viral Infection?

Unfortunately, children are very susceptible to illness. The most common cause for illness in children is due to a virus. Children can be vulnerable to many viruses. When they get infected, they develop a cold, flu, bronchiolitis, ear infections, and other illnesses that can disrupt their daily activities. Viral infections are very common for children. However, this doesn’t mean that parents can relax about it. Some infections compel parents to bring their children to urgent care in Kitsap County, Washington so that complications can be avoided.

What should parents look out for to determine if the viral infection already requires help from a doctor? Here are indications you need to watch out for.

Viral infections are characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Runny nose
  • Red and watery eyes
  • Sore throat and fever
  • Rash
  • Frequent coughing or sneezing
  • Sleepiness
  • Vomiting accompanied by diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Physical weakness

As a provider of health care in Silverdale, Washington, let us gently remind you that viral infections can be passed from one child to another. So if you have more than one child at home, ensure that all of them get checked to ensure that they don’t acquire the virus.

If you find it difficult to leave your home for a checkup, our mobile clinic can come to your location so that your child will still have access to quality health care. Viral infections can be the precursor to more concerning conditions such as pneumonia, so antibiotics may sometimes be warranted. If they are necessary, Housecall MD can dispense prescription medications, saving you a trip to the pharmacy.

Even when medications aren’t needed, you can do your part at home to boost your child’s immune system. This way, their body can also fight the virus within. Here are helpful tips to enhance their immunity:

  • Ensure they are hydrated especially if they have sore throat or diarrhea.
  • Let your child have ample time to rest.
  • Adding zinc and vitamin C may have some benefit in augmenting immune function.
  • Comply with the doctor’s instructions for medication intake.

At Housecall MD, you have the urgent care you need right in your own home. If you have children or seniors at home, keep our number in your contact list when you need medical attention.

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