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Did You Also Believe in these Flu Myths?

Did You Also Believe in these Flu Myths?

As a provider of health care in Silverdale, Washington, we take great care to provide up to date and evidence-based
medical therapies to our patients. Our practice is based on the latest recommendations from CDC, NIH, and the Department of Health and Human Services guidelines. We at Housecall MD believe our mission is not only to eliminate disease and ease suffering, but also to educate.

One of the common ailments that is shrouded in myth and misinformation is influenza, or “the flu.” We hope to debunk these myths so that you can protect your family from this virus. Here are three common myths surrounding the flu and its treatment?

  • Myth 1: Flu vaccines can cause flu.
    It is possible to acquire other respiratory diseases such as common cough and colds during the flu season, and the flu vaccine is unfortunately not 100% effective. However, like all vaccines, the immune system develops a response (antibodies) to help decrease the likelihood that you will catch the flu. This immune response can sometimes take up to 2 weeks. If you are exposed to the flu within that 2 week time period, you may catch the flu before the vaccine has taken effect. Because often times you are exposed to the flu in that 2 week time window (or even in the doctor’s office where you had the flu shot), you may still catch the flu soon after the shot, but then blame your symptoms on the vaccine itself.
  • Myth 2: Flu can be treated with antibiotics.
    On the contrary, antibiotics are for bacterial infection, which flu is not. Viruses cause flu, so antibiotics cannot treat them. While complications of the flu may warrant antibiotics later, initially, all antibiotics will do is add side-effects to your current symptoms. We at Housecall MD intend to be good stewards of antibiotics and benefit the community of Kitsap County, Washington by avoiding unnecessary antibiotic use and help decrease the incidence of antibiotic resistance.
  • Myth 3: Flu only really causes problems for the really young and really old.
    While it is true that the flu often is more difficult to overcome for those at the extremes of age, but even healthy individuals can catch the flu and have significant complications. While young people have stronger immune systems than infants and the elderly, they will still need the flu vaccine. By receiving the flu vaccine, you are reducing the likelihood of you spreading the flu, thereby helping to protect the most vulnerable members of the community.

Have you encountered these myths before? Don’t underestimate the flu virus. Get your flu vaccine! And if you have symptoms of the flu, consult with our mobile clinic right away. Because our medical teams at Housecall MD are mobile, we can come to your home and treat you when you feel sick, so you don’t have to be uncomfortable and wait in a waiting room or at the pharmacy.

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