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What Can You Do to Stop Nosebleeds?

What Can You Do to Stop Nosebleeds?

Nosebleeds can range from simple to severe. Mild cases often resolve on their own in a few minutes. In severe cases, the patient will need urgent care in Silverdale, Washington.

Still, there are helpful steps that should be tried prior to seeking medical care for a nosebleed. Consider the following:

  • Let the patient lean forward a little while their head is also tilted forward. This allows the blood to flow down. Avoid letting them lean back as this causes the blood to go up to the sinuses or back into the throat.
  • If there is blood in the mouth and throat, tell the patient to spit this out.
  • When the patient is unable to pinch the soft parts of their nose, do this for them. Hold these between the thumb and index finger. The nose should be held firmly and higher up just below where the bony portion meets the softer cartilage of the nasal septum. As you pinch this way, gently push the nose towards the facial bone slowly. Tell them to breathe through the mouth.
  • As you hold the patient’s nose, maintain this hold for about 10 minutes. If the bleeding persists, repeat the process until the bleeding has stopped.
  • Let the patient sit quietly, with their head still leaning forward. Ensure that their head is at a level above the heart. If you think that the patient needs medical help with their nosebleed, arrange for a health care visit or call Housecall MD if you are in Silverdale, Washington or anywhere in Kitsap County to have a medical evaluation at your location.

Nosebleeds can be triggered for numerous reasons. Commonly nosebleeds occur after an nasal or sinus infection or an illness. Other causes for nosebleeds can include:

  • Blowing the nose too hard
  • Picking on the nose frequently and causing wounds inside the nose
  • Very dry climate
  • Taking blood-thinning medications

When nosebleeds occur and cannot be controlled at home with conservative measures, see a doctor immediately. You can arrange for our mobile clinic at Housecall MD to visit your location. This way, you can have the treatment you need without leaving your place. If you have inquiries about our services, talk to us today!

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